Drag & BuildSimple and easy to use drag-and-drop user interface.

Building typeforms is fun and easy.
Question typesBuild your typeform using a wide range of options.

Our form builder includes all the question types you need to make any type of form.
Images & VideosEngage your respondents with rich content.

Easily add images or videos into any of your questions.
Logic JumpMake your typeforms smarter with some logic.

Build intelligent forms that react to your respondents as they answer by asking follow-on questions & personalised endings.
Hidden FieldsUse what you already know with Hidden Fields.

Populate your questions and results table with information you already have on file. Identify respondents from the link they clicked.
CalculatorDo simple calculations in your forms. It all adds up!

Make online quizzes and checkouts in seconds by giving each answer a value and function. Llama? Add 5. Monkey? Subtract 10!
Answer pipingMake your typeforms personal and perceptive.

Pipe the answer to a question into the text of a statement, question, or email notification.
Picture choiceAsk questions with visual cues.

Ask questions using images to help your respondents easily identify answers.
Want to learn more about building awesome typeforms? Read some Build articles on our Help Center! → https://www.typeform.com/help/

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